Planning permission has been granted to build a dream for special needs kids and their families at The Heritage Resort in lovely County Laois. Thanks to the generosity of the owners saving us 6 million and allowing us to come that bit closer to developing our dream.

But we need more funding to complete our mission. The resort will be designed to provide a safe, clean and magical environment for all family members, giving siblings an opportunity to build lifelong memories, like brothers and sisters should, regardless of age, ability or disability. There is still huge work and effort to get this across the line, however now it is possible.

We need your help to make this a reality for all the families with special needs children. Read on to hear the amazing opportunities we provide for you to get involved to make dreams and memories happy together.

Event packages we offer to start you off on a road to a better tomorrow

We have plenty of amazing packaged events you can complete to raise funds for us. World famous marathons and treks with packaged deals. Maybe some are on your bucket list challenge. From Ireland too London too Berlin too New York, Machu Picchu and more! Join us for a better purpose and make many happy memories along the way. C’est la vie!

 For information on our Irish National event packages click here, for International event packages click here and for amazing life changing Treks like the famous Inca trail to reach Machu Picchu in Peru which offers an unrivalled combination of stunning scenery and amazing culture, come join us here today or send someone you know our way please

  Or if you think you can help in any way  we hope you get in contact today.

Time to get those running shoes on

Join our Billy’s World Ireland team at the Dublin Marathon on October 29 2017 to help raise funds for special needs kids families!

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